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POOL Construction

Pool construction started November 24th, although the layout and plans were made before the crew "broke ground". We are told that the pool should be completed anywhere in between 45 to 60 days.

Check back here periodically, as we'll update this listing as construction continues.



  • Breaking Ground and a whole bunch of Rock: "Day 1",  "Day 2"  and "Day 3"
  • Pool digging and hauling away debris looks done: "Day 4"
  • Rebar the pool and set up the retaining wall: "Day 5", but wait! Get the rock breaker back, we want to expand the sitting area and widen the side entrance.
  • Plumbing around the pool and drains: "Day 6"
  • "Day 7"- the gunite step, and "Day 8"
  • "Day 9" - the tiles and coping are done in one day!
  •  more to come!