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Hello My Lords and Ladies!!

Stroll along and cast your view upon scenes from the Texas Renaissance Festival.
(Click on the photo, then use your browsers back button to return to this screen.)

Entrace into the "magical realm" (entrance gate behind us - looks like a castle wall) (132242 bytes) The whole thing starts to sink in... the girls had no idea of what to expect! Now, they wish to return every year! :o) Starting the day at the festival: checking the show times and map! Almost everyone catches the "renaissance enthusiasm" by wearing costumes. (50096 bytes) First stop is to get flowers for the "ladies"!
Two ladies with flower wreaths and one deciding to get her face painted. (27038 bytes) Renaissance-Festival-006w.jpg (42184 bytes) Need a gargoyle for your house? I know just where to buy them now! (49299 bytes) The hardest part was deciding the design! (29071 bytes) Black, White, and Silver glitter it will be! (33033 bytes)
What a "Fair Lady" (Actually what her name means!) (32751 bytes) Great choice! (33532 bytes) The Black Dragon shoppe (40916 bytes) Hundreds of shoppes line the walkways. (48851 bytes) Real weddings take place at the festival! (56985 bytes)
RenFest2003-26w.jpg (46579 bytes) A Barbarian taking on ALL women! (38815 bytes) Why is it these "fine" contraptions were outlawed? hehehe Too shy to ask the real people for a picture? No worries... they have several models to sit next to as well. Getting ready for the Joust!! (40919 bytes)
Far right corner represented Germany, colors: Blue and Black. In the inner corner (left of photo) represented England, colors: Red and Blue. (37387 bytes) Spain represented by Purple and Gold colors. (37353 bytes) Spearing "rings" as part of the competition. (32728 bytes) The covered stage (behind) gave the "Queen and King of Spain" special seats. (33784 bytes) The JOUST!! (35452 bytes)
Getting a henna tatoo on her hand! (24044 bytes) Gargoyles! (34222 bytes) Demons gathering for a break and a brew! (40837 bytes) One scarey demon with 2 Ladies! (38539 bytes) Demon and Cat-demon (39705 bytes)
Some costume! (39942 bytes) Beggar - who was hilarius! He'd move the pan, causing donors to miss the pot and drop the money. One boy was so fun to watch, he kept picking up his coins, and trying to put it in his bucket. (26839 bytes) The beggar would play his horn with his nose! Thanking you for a donation! (25275 bytes) Tall, Dark and Gruesome! (36312 bytes) Married visitors... just walking around and enjoying the festival. (40015 bytes)
This guy's sign had "Kisses: 1 pence" on the back of his sign. (35319 bytes) Visitors in costume (34685 bytes) A Lord, Lady and their servant (33614 bytes) Musicians playing for all who stroll bye. (35795 bytes) This tall viking was enjoying a stroll with his lady. (29627 bytes)
"Yes, my Lord... t'was a good joke!" (34208 bytes) Personal Favorite in the costume department! This costume was Exquisite! (26311 bytes) Centaur costume was outrageous! He really looked GREAT! (26433 bytes) The 3 Ladies ending the day with a lovely swing ride!(20684 bytes) November 8, 2003
Plantersville, TX